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From our Headteacher

Holland Park Primary School, Essex - Staff -My vision is that our children will achieve well, have fun and develop a lifelong passion for learning at Holland Park Primary and for the future. 


Parent Feedback

WOW! What a lovely modern looking website! Well done to you all, it’s going to be a real pleasure to use. I look forward to it being full of useful content. I was unable to sleep, thinking about the Scotland vote, but this stole my attention!

Lizzie Ridout


Parents evening fab fab fab proud mum and dad and thankful for the fab teams around them

Rebecca Carvell

What’s been happening?

IMG_20150505_141200 Rounder! Rounder! Rounder! 05/05/2015 - This half term, in outdoor P.E., we have been playing rounders. We have been practising a […]
LunchMenus New Summer Menus 05/05/2015 - The new summer menus start next week from Monday 11th May 2015 starting on the Week three […]
DSC_0002 AR Word Millionaire! 05/05/2015 - Mrs Campbell congratulated Ben Smith in 4S for becoming a AR Word Millionaire for reading 1,042,099 […]