We hope you have a lovely summer break and look forward to seeing the children on Wednesday, 4th September…
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From our Headteacher

My vision is that our children will achieve well, have fun and develop a lifelong passion for learning at Holland Park Primary and for the future. 


The BIG 3


What’s been happening?

‘Go Red, Go Yellow’ – Air Ambulance Fundraising Day 23/07/2019 - On Friday 13th September we will be raising money for the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance. The children will be invited to donate £1 and dress up in red and yellow clothes, matching the charity […]
Wear Any Shoes Tomorrow 07/07/2019 - Tomorrow children can wear any (sensible!) shoes to school for a £1 donation. All funds raised will go to support our links with the Multi Schools Council and their recent charity walk. […]
Supporting Charity Walk 05/07/2019 - Today our Holland Park School and Parent Councils went to Shorefields school to greet Mr Kierran Pearce (leader of the Multi Schools Council) as he entered the last leg of his amazing […]