Caythorpe – Day 4

We woke early this morning to strip our beds, finish packing our suitcases and vacate the rooms which have been our home for the past few days.

After a hearty breakfast the children split into their groups for the final two activities of our stay.

Sports and Team Games

All three groups took part in the sports and team games activity which built on all of the activities which they have learned from this week.


Group 1 completed the orienteering activity to finish off their stay at Caythorpe.  After learning basic map reading skills they were challenged to work in teams of four to find key sites around Caythorpe.

Jacob’s Ladder

Team 2 finished their time at Caythorpe by climbing Jacob’s Ladder.  In groups of three they had to find ways to scale the giant ladder as the gaps between the rungs grew wider the higher they climbed.


Group 3’s final challenge was to complete the trapeze by climbing the tall pole  and then bravely leaping from the top to catch the trapeze before finally being lowered to the ground – something I’m sure they never imagined they would achieve at the beginning of our stay.


We ended our stay at Caythorpe Court with a few games with our group leader, Kyle, and a big lunch to set us up for the journey home.  We said a fond farewell to Kyle and we are now well on our way, ready to share all our experiences when we reach home (after a good, long nap!).

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