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Reminder of Jewellery in PE

As of February 2015 all children at Holland Park Primary School must remove their earrings when taking part in physical activities such as PE lessons.

As an Academy we choose to use the Local Authority Health and Safety Service. This means we must follow their advice in all areas to keep everyone safe on school premises. Information can be found here from the Heath and Safety Executive Newsletter which clearly states that earrings must be removed for physical activity sessions in Primary School.

If your child cannot remove their earrings they will have to sit out during PE sessions but, as PE is a National Curriculum requirement, parents/carers will be contacted if they miss sessions because they have earrings in.

For the younger children, and those who cannot remove earrings unaided, parents will need to make sure they are removed before their child attends school on days that they have PE. (This information is available from class teachers).

While we understand that some children like to have their ears pierced all parents/carers are asked to consider these regulations and have their child’s ears pierced during the six week Summer break so they will be able to remove them on their return to school.

Thank you.

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