Water Fight Fun!

On Friday 18th May, Yr 6 took part in their end of SATs week water fight.  The children were all provided with water blasters and water bombs by the PTA (as were the staff).  We would like to say a huge thank you to the PTA for supporting our Year 6s in this way.  The children took great pleasure in attacking each other and also the staff – although it did seem as if the staff came of worst!


After about 45 minutes of accurate water bombing and some excellent shooting, the children got changed into their dry clothes and prepared to ‘custard-pie’ the staff.  10 cans of shaving foam later, the staff didn’t look quite the same as usual – but the children had thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

They finished the afternoon playing football and generally relaxing with their friends.

They all had a fantastic time celebrating the end of a challenging week – we hope they all enjoyed their celebrations.

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