Year 4 Burwell House 2018 – Day 2

After a restful sleep, we awoke excitedly to begin our day.  Some of us were up to see the summer sunrise, whilst others stayed in bed until we were woken abruptly.

We stayed in our rooms until it was time to get up and sort our things.  Like little elves, we tidied our belongings to pass the room inspection.

It was time for breakfast, so we made our way into the dining hall for cereal and toast.

Today, we separated into our filming groups.  These were the activities in line for today:

1. Filming our Roman scripts.  We anxiously changed into our costumes as we entered the studio.  We were amazed with the technology within. It contained sophisticated devices for mixing audio and videos together. This was followed by a larger room with three high definition studio cameras and a green screen.  Even more nervous now, we rehearsed our roles and completed our filming.  Phew!  We cannot wait to see our finished product!

2. Location study into Burwell Village.  We ventured out to explore the grounds of the village.  During our walk, we examined the different local amenities so that we can compare and contrast them with Clacton.  We also completed two surveys: sound and street.  We will use this data to compare it with the types of transportation seen on the roads, and then again with the various sounds we noticed.  I wonder what the statistics will reveal…

3. Roman Natural Sculptures.  Back on the grounds, we had a rare opportunity to look at ancient Roman stones.  The pieces themselves were nothing special, but we discovered that Romans had actually used them to form a Roman mosaic floor tile.  Such an amount of history we had in our hands.  We imagined the kinds of people who may have walked on it, buildings it may have belonged to, what patterns it could have portrayed, and who it may have belonged to.  Our interests grew as we were tasked with creating our own Roman natural sculpture.  To do this, we had to scour the grounds for natural material.  Then, we strategically placed them together to form our very own natural sculpture.  Some chose to create a picture, a shield, or our very own mosaic tile.

Lunch today was a good helping of roast chicken, roast potatoes, carrots and beans.  Of course there was gravy!  Pudding was mouthwatering pavlova.
Dinner this evening was chunky fish fingers, chips and peas.  Dessert was wobbly jelly with floating pieces of fruit.

After dinner, we excitedly gathered in the lounge with heightened anticipation – we finally got to watch our films.  Squeamish, embarrassed and  joyfulness were just a few of the many emotions that filled the room.

Sadly, it was time to retire to bed.  The day was long and eventful and we were in desperate need to rest.  Many fell asleep straight away, whilst others were quietly contemplating the activities for tomorrow.

Goodnight Holland Park!

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