Year 4 Burwell House 2018 – Day 3

It was a much quieter morning.  The children were fast asleep, and stayed asleep until wakeup call at 7am.  Unfortunately, it will be a very busy morning for us as we have to strip our beds, pack our bags and have a room inspection all before breakfast.

We hurriedly finished our breakfast so that we can get onto our teamwork games.  If we are able to complete each challenge with good teamwork, communication and leadership skills, then we can earn little wooden eggs.  The more eggs we have, the more ammunition we will be given for our next challenge.

You must be wondering what the ammunition was for.  Like the Romans, we built our very own ballista.  For a certain amount of wooden eggs earned, we were given sponges.  We dunked them in ice-cold water so that we could launch them at a very desirable target.

We worked up such an appetite.  Do you smell what that rock is cookin’?  With the lovely summery weather, we had a barbeque under the outdoor gazebo.  We had cheeseburgers, hotdogs and a variety of salads.

Sadly, this marked the end of our adventure as the bus pulls up.  It was time to depart.  With tears in our eyes, we set off home with an increased sense of the Burwell motto: Respect, Responsibility and Teamwork.

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