Year 4 Burwell House 2018 – Day 1

After a long coach journey, we finally arrived at Burwell House!

Immediately, we sprung into action and began our Snail Game.  This involved scattering around the grounds in search for questions.

This built up our appetite.  So we sat down to scrumptious chicken fajitas, seasoned potato wedges, juicy salad, and a hearty sprinkle of cheese.  Seconds, please!

After lunch, we headed onto the grounds again to develop a new skill of orienteering.  Using our new map skills, we were able to locate many new locations on the grounds – even ones for great hiding.  Have no fear adults – if you’re lost, your child is now equipped to help you find your way!

These secret hiding places has been very handy for our next game, the famous Burwell Fox!  The local ‘farmers’ have been plagued by pesky foxes.  So, they set out on a fox hun

ting expedition.  Their targets: little foxes that have just turned up on site.
Halt! You have been caught by a farmer and now need to bear the mark of capture!
Disclaimer: No foxes were harmed in the process of this game.

It was time for a well earned break.  We rested with biscuits and water.
Before dinner, we had a tour of the studio.  We visited the green room and learned our new roles.  Then we took our bags and headed to our rooms.  Our peace and quiet was about end as we did our fire-drill practice.

We were hungry.  We were ready to eat.  Food.  We needed some.

Dinner was crispy chicken breast, beans and chips.
“Happy Birthday to…Jude!”
We celebrated his birthday with some cake!  Yummy!

After dinner, we gave our Roman news reports a practice until it was time for bed.
The lights are out and we’re now resting our weary bodies.

We miss you!
Good night Holland Park


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