We hope you have a lovely summer break and look forward to seeing the children on Wednesday, 4th September…
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Multi School Council Meeting

Today Mrs Edwards took the Holland Park School Council Reps, along with members of our Parent Council, to Market Field School for the next Multi School Council meeting.

There were a number of items on the agenda to discuss and we began by thinking of all the words or phrases  that we would like to see included in a song that is being written by the MSC. The children found this exercise very inspiring and we were proud to observe them engaging in animated conversation. They wanted words such as ‘equal’, ‘special’ and ‘different’ included, as well as phrases such as, “Outside we’re different, but inside we’re all the same’ and  ‘Everyone is equally special’.

After this we went on to discuss forthcoming art projects with other local schools, as well as ideas on how best to promote Mr Pearce’s forthcoming walk to all of the special schools in Essex. He will be starting at Shorefields on July 1st 2019.

The children were then asked to put forward their suggestions for a future MSC fun event. Ideas included a festival, a Lego build and a football tournament.

Finally we were shown a short video on a previous Special Games that the children of Market Field participated in. We were asked for ways to enlarge and improve this event (something we hope we can collaborate on further in the future).

Thank you School Council Reps – you did us all proud today.


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