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From our Headteacher

My vision is that our children will achieve well, have fun and develop a lifelong passion for learning at Holland Park Primary and for the future. 


Our Prospectus

Holland Park Primary School Prospectus

What’s been happening?

Year 2 News 08/02/2018 - This week we have been looking more into our ‘Teacher Pleaser’ machine unit; we have had so much fun making them as well! We have also had a visit to Year 4 […]
Year 4 Weekly News 08/02/2018 - This week in English we have been learning about all the features to write an instruction text. Then we applied all our learning into writing a text on how to get ready […]
Year 1 News 08/02/2018 - This week we received a letter from letter from Lego Education asking us how we were getting on with our starter kit which included stickers, a magazine and a DVD. Our stories […]