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From our Headteacher

My vision is that our children will achieve well, have fun and develop a lifelong passion for learning at Holland Park Primary and for the future. 


Our Prospectus

Holland Park Primary School Prospectus

What’s been happening?

School Council ask Tesco to assist Healthy Eating Lesson 23/02/2018 - Today the School Council members were excited to take stock of a big delivery from our local Tesco superstore. They had recently written to Jack, the fresh produce manager, and Sally, the […]
Year 4 News 22/02/2018 - In English we have written a recount about our half term holiday. We have also been writing our instruction texts in neat. There will be an introduction to our new theme on […]
Year 3 News 22/02/2018 - This week, Year 3 have had an amazing Science Day, exploring and sorting strengths of magnets and their purposes. Next week we shall be furthering our studies on money and using practical […]