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October Edition of Ditto – ESafety Magazine

This month there’s some really interesting articles from both primary and secondary students. We’re also taking a look at: •Banning adult material. •Talking to a trusted adult – is this a useful message? •Fostering an ethos of online safety •Beware the online safety expert •A request from Cath Knibbs regarding her work in the impact […]

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Parents Guide to Fortnite

Because of its popularity, we thought it would be important to provide information on the game Fortnite. It even includes a catchy, yet informative song.  Enjoy!

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Year 4 Burwell House 2018 – Day 3

It was a much quieter morning.  The children were fast asleep, and stayed asleep until wakeup call at 7am.  Unfortunately, it will be a very busy morning for us as we have to strip our beds, pack our bags and have a room inspection all before breakfast. We hurriedly finished our breakfast so that we […]

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Year 4 Burwell House 2018 – Day 2

After a restful sleep, we awoke excitedly to begin our day.  Some of us were up to see the summer sunrise, whilst others stayed in bed until we were woken abruptly. We stayed in our rooms until it was time to get up and sort our things.  Like little elves, we tidied our belongings to […]

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Year 4 Burwell House 2018 – Day 1

After a long coach journey, we finally arrived at Burwell House! Immediately, we sprung into action and began our Snail Game.  This involved scattering around the grounds in search for questions. This built up our appetite.  So we sat down to scrumptious chicken fajitas, seasoned potato wedges, juicy salad, and a hearty sprinkle of cheese.  […]

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Mental Health Awareness Week As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, a FREE guide has been created to share about ‘Screen Addiction’ – an issue which is affecting young people across the globe. The guide informs parents about the issues associated with smartphone and screen addiction amongst children and how they can help to control the associated risks and […]

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DITTO – January ESafety Newsletter

Please find the January version of Ditto’s ESafety newsletter for parents.  This month, they are looking at: – Reflections on 2017 – Cyberbullying – Live Streaming – DITTO – sanctions and rewards – Apps – Yubo

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