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Class 4C

Teacher’s Introduction

Mr Campbell – Year 4 teacher

After studying BA (Hons) Performance, I spent over 10 years travelling across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland as an actor, director, scriptwriter and workshop leader in a touring theatre in education. During this time, I worked on an EU funded cross community integration project in Northern Ireland, after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement. Working in theatre in education gave me a passion for working with children and young people which eventually led me to teacher training.

My main interests (aside from theatre, film and music!) include DNA ancestry research, pub quizzes, board games, football (Northampton Town) and travel. I spend a lot of time travelling, whether it’s a weekend away or a holiday, and love exploring new places and old.

A little known fact about me – I have over 4,000 people on my family tree and have met several distant cousins. I have been treated to dinner at the Savoy Grill, stayed in a mansion in Normandy and even invited a cousin to my youngest son’s christening. Almost all of my cousins work in one of two areas of employment – performance or teaching!!


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