Learnpad Leader School

learnpadWhat is a LearnPad Leader School?

LearnPad Leader Schools are chosen for their outstanding achievements in embedding teaching and learning through the use of LearnPads in their classrooms.The goal of LearnPad Leader Schools is to raise awareness of the effectiveness of the use of LearnPads in the classroom. LearnPad Leader Schools become a regional support school and their staff provide advice to regional schools in the use and best practice of LearnPad, in addition to leading their own school.

Holland Park Primary pupils using Learnpads

Holland Park Primary School has been given LearnPad Leader School status.

Learnpad device

View our full Case Study by our previous IT Manager, Tracey Campbell, who states “I think the fact that more and more teachers want to use LearnPads is testament to the positive effect the devices are having on pupils. We’ve allocated more funding because of this so that we can use them in new and exciting ways on a daily basis.

It is paramount that teachers use up-to-date, relevant resources in the classroom so that students cover all the necessary material on the new curriculum. Our staff are all very excited to make use of the new LearnPad Lesson Profiles created for the new Curriculum.”

Schools can also visit Holland Park to see how we have embedded this technology throughout the school. Please contact us to book your visit. Thank you

Images of our use of Learnpads can been seen in our Gallery

Raising Attainment with LearnPad

Student attainment will increase over time given the increase in pupil enthusiasm and engagement when using the devices. “Teachers have said on countless occasions that students are immediately more engaged and they support the development of a number of essential academic skills including research, problem solving, creative thinking, team working and so on. We’re also able to make our subscription-based websites readily available to use which they weren’t in the past, and that’s extended learning and will no doubt increase attainment.”

In my opinion, the impact of LearnPads on raising attainment has been significant and
measureable. Data collection shows that where pupils have received targeted intervention using LearnPads and related software, progress has accelerated.

Anthony Welch, Headteacher