Able Pupils

Academically able and talented pupils at Holland Park.

As with all schools Holland Park identifies some pupils as being either AMA (Academically More Able) or Talented (pupils showing an aptitude in non academic areas).

These pupils are identified by their class teachers as having an extra ‘spark’, be it in reading, writing, maths, science, art, history, sport or any other aspect of learning in school. A register is maintained and their achievement is closely monitored along with that of all pupils. Many of these pupils will attain particularly highly in the core academic disciplines. To help them to achieve their full potential teachers plan additional challenges for them in lessons.

We work closely with the teachers in local primary schools and those secondary schools who receive our pupils to ensure we are helping them to progress as far as they are able. Holland Park is also involved in programme run by the University of Essex (called ‘University Challenge’) which is designed to give academically more able pupils an insight into the possibilities offered by higher education.

We enrich the curriculum beyond the classroom for our academically able and talented children in a many ways;

  • We run ‘master classes’ in the half term holidays. Usually with a theme, these days allow us to broaden the learning of our AMA and talented pupils in interesting and unusual ways. Some elements of the ‘master classes’ are run by Holland Park’s teachers and some by outside specialists. Parents are invited in for a celebration event at the end of the day.
  • Additional special events are also run during the school day. For example, singing with the specialist teacher Janette Ruocco.
  • We also take pupils on enrichment visits outside school. For example, taking our scientists and mathematicians to Thorrington tide mill and our artists to Munnings House in Dedham.
  • We enable our pupils to enter competitions, in various sports, in writing, in the arts and maths in particular. Recently our AMA writers won a trip on a Thames barge after coming third in a national writing competition and our mathematicians performed admirably in the Essex Maths Competition. Holland Park’s artists frequently feature amongst the prize winners in local and Essex wide competitions.
  • Our young sporting stars are encouraged to participate in clubs and are offered taster sessions and opportunities to become part of local clubs and organisations. Especially talented pupils may also be offered additional coaching as well as being members of Holland Park’s many successful teams.

The achievement of our AMA pupils is carefully monitored. The AMA register is fluid and pupils may be added at any time. The school is registered with Potential Plus a national organisation which supports schools in providing for more able learners.

Further information

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