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The Pastoral Team

 Single Point of Contact – ‘SPOC’


My name is Lisa Penn and I am the designated Single Point of Contact – SPOC’ across the ‘Trust’. I am available to offer support for families that have a partner/member of the family in the criminal justice system

What does the SPOC do?

As a SPOC representative, my role includes championing the needs of children and young people affected by parental imprisonment or the Criminal Justice System.

It also includes promoting the support available to children and families, sharing best practice to colleagues and other professionals at network meetings and keeping up to date on national and local changes in policies and procedures. Ensures a whole school approach recognises the importance of understanding the effects on children, young people and their families.

Being a SPOC representative also means challenging stigma, discrimination and victimisation of those who are suffering from the hidden sentence of having someone they love in one part or another of the criminal justice system.

SPOC representatives work with Barnardo’s Essex CAPI service. Barnardo’s Essex CAPI service are able to provide a specialist service and support that help both parents/carers and children who are affected by imprisonment or/and offending.

Through working with Barnardo’s Essex CAPI I can ensure vulnerable families, who are affected by imprisonment or offending, can receive the specialist support they need.

Making Contact

I am available across the ‘Trust’ and can be contacted by families if they need help, support or who just want to talk to other families in the same situation. I can signpost families to Barnardo’s Essex CAPI service and help get them the support they may need. Whether this is giving information about travelling to prison, help telling a child, benefits and debt management or anything else families may need support with.

Contact numbers:

Mobile: 07809105686

Alton Park: 01255 424335

Holland Park: 01255 422942