Year 4 Burwell House – Day 2

After a peaceful night’s sleep, we awoke to the melodic chirping of the local birds.
Sleepy eyes and tired faces emerge out of their cocooned duvets.  It’s before 6 am and the sounds of pitter-patter already fill the house – some children are excitedly out of bed and getting ready for the day ahead.  The sun emerges to illuminate Burwell and all its residents; a few fluffy clouds are dotted about to accompany the clear blue sky.  The crisp, fresh air is still and calm.  Nothing is stirring, except the busy bodies as they get ready for the first room inspection.  Good luck!

Phew, we’ve all passed!
Now onto a healthy breakfast of cereal and toast – that’ll give us enough energy for the long morning ahead.

Today, we split into our groups.  These are the activities for the day:

a) Village walk, comparing Burwell to Clacton, and surveying its environment

b) Creating natural artwork in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo

c) Roast lunch: succulent chicken, crispy golden potatoes and juicy garden vegetables

d) Filming ‘Roman News’

Working up such an appetite, we looked forward to our dinners.  This evening was chunky fish fingers with chips, peas and…. a special dessert tonight…

Now, we are getting ready for our cinema evening where we will be viewing our newly created ‘Roman News’ videos.
Some of us are a tad anxious; some of us are very excited.

With such an exhausting day, we will be looking forward to curling up into our beds.  Our eyelids will set with the sun, and as the peaceful evening draws to a close, the calm in the house offers a relaxing haven for children to rest.

Goodnight, and see you in the morning.

One Response to Year 4 Burwell House – Day 2

  1. Elizabeth Marshall April 20, 2017 at 7:13 pm #

    lovely to see the children being so well looked after. The food looks delicious. The children are obviously having a wonderful time, giving them memories for years to come. I am Thomas Marshall’s nannie and he has talked about his trip to Burwell for a long time. Well done to all the staff.