Fire Safety

Year 3 were very lucky today to be visted by Sarah from the Education team at Essex Fire Rescue Services. The children were given a talk about fire safety in the home which included information about everyday hazards, prevention tips and what to do if ever the children find themselves involved in a fire.  The children have a lealet to take home to share with their family. They are to show you the picture to see if you can spot the 8 hazards.

In addition please ask your children if they can remember the ‘3 Outs’:

1) Get out.

2) Stay out.

3) Get the fire rescue out. (999)

The children have talked through what their escape plan would be in their own homes and it would be good for the children to talk through these with you at home too.

At the bottom of the leaflet is information for you to use should you wish to contact the fire service for their free home survey, where fire alarms can be given out free of charge if they feel your home needs one.

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