Go Red, Go Yellow

On Friday, all the children and staff took the opportunity to think about, and consider, the amazing job the Essex and Hearts Air Ambulance do everyday as part of our Go Red, Go Yellow day

During the afternoon, all the children had an amazing assembly led by volunteers from the Essex and Hearts Ambulance Service who were able to show us pictures of the inside of one of the air ambulances. They also gave us lots of information about all the resources the people onboard each time they are called out, and that it cost a staggering £750000 each month just to keep them running!

We also had a very special surprise guest when Jacob, an air ambulance paramedic, joined us in the assembly to talk about his job and answer questions.

At the end of the day, we felt very privileged to receive a flypast after school by one of the helicopters.

Thank you for all your support; an amazing £288.54p was raised in addition to the money raised on the playground through the sales of merchandise after school.

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