United in Kind

Today our Inclusion Ambassadors met with Suzanne from United in Kind.

United in Kind is a social movement that aims to spread kindness and connect people.

We began today’s meeting by thinking about what is ‘kind’? The children came up with some great answers, including:

“It’s helping one another.”   “Being a good friend.”  “Knowing when to say sorry.”  “Being friendly.”

We then had a discussion about how we can help others to be kind. We decided that being a good role model is a good start! Learning how to ‘agree to disagree’ was another idea, as well as being friendly and saying ‘good morning’ for example.

We have now been set the challenge of demonstrating at least one kind gesture a day; holding the door open for someone, asking how a friend’s day is going or simply offering to help.

We all agreed that doing something kind for someone else makes everybody “feel good inside”.

Carrying out acts of kindness is also a great way to combat mental health. Evidence shows that helping others is most beneficial to our own well being because it can reduce stress, improve our mood and boost self-esteem.

We’re looking forward to continuing with this project soon and spreading the kindness.


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