At Holland Park sport is encouraged because:

  • it touches the lives of a great number of individuals;
  • children can learn and adopt healthy sporting habits;
  • children can begin to appreciate the benefit of regular exercise;
  • it channels energy, high spirits, competitiveness and aggression in a social and beneficial manner;
  • it can benefit everyone regardless of circumstances or ability;
  • lessons for life are provided.

The Physical Education programme includes swimming, sailing, dance, gymnastics, organised football, rugby, rounders, netball, tennis, basketball, hockey and athletics. Children take part in inter-school games and matches organised by the Clacton and District School Sports Association. We have our own Infant and Junior Sports Days. Competition in this area is not frowned upon.

We play to win and we endeavour to teach children to be modest in victory and cheerful and more determined when they lose.

Year 6 Sailing at Alton Water.


Please click the link below for information regarding Holland Park Premium Sports Funding.